It is probably not a surprise that digital marketing in 2022 is rapidly evolving and with that brands have more choices to expand their reach. Amazon Advertising is one of the rapidly growing channels that marketing agencies and brands need to continue to learn. The biggest opportunities for Amazon Ads today are Amazon OTT, Display Advertising, and Streaming Audio.

Each strategy has its benefits for aligning with the proper business objective and we’ll cover some of them here.

Amazon Ads Strategies for Agencies and Brands

Marketing agencies are constantly adopting new channels and media tactics to ensure their client’s business objectives are being kept up to date with the current marketing environment. Think of all the millions of streamers, internet users, social media users, and more. Each with their own interests in clothing, travel, cars, and lifestyle. How are agencies and brands going to continue to stay up to date when the needs of these digital nomads continue to change?

amazon ott apps and placements across third party publishers
Amazon advertising supported apps

Amazon Streaming TV Ads

Amazon Fire TV has been an absolute force over the past year. Boasting over 50 million monthly active streamers who on average spend 2+ hours a day streaming. For brands seeking attention, look no further than Amazon OTT.

Benefits of Amazon OTT include the following:

  • Target logged-in Amazon advertising users and match back impressions to sales using offline attribution
  • Exclusive ad inventory supply with over 50+ ad supported apps with direct relationships
  • First Party Amazon audiences available through the Amazon demand side platform

Amazon Advertising Display Ads

Display used to be ineffective for brands looking to advertise on Google and Yahoo (to name a few lackluster display channels). By lackluster we means low overall viewability and low engagement. If you are looking to learn more about the benefits of amazon display you can check out our guide.

Amazon has plenty of advantages when it comes to Display Advertising. Here are a few of the big benefits:

  • Higher overall viewability (Impression that sees more than 50% of the ad creative for longer than one consecutive second) No bot traffic or fraudulent clicks!
  • Higher overall CTR especially when delivering dynamic display ads
  • Better overall measurement using full funnel attribution and offline measurement through Amazon’s marketing cloud

Amazon Advertising Streaming Audio – The Future Is Here

Audio streaming ads have been notoriously difficult to scale for many businesses due to limited insertion orders and channel specific media buys. Amazon now offers streaming audio ads directly through their demand side platform, allowing brands to take advantage of targeting the same first party audiences directly across millions of Amazon Alexa smart home devices.

Did you know that Amazon Alexa currently has over 23% market share across for smart speakers?

The benefits of leveraging Amazon Streaming Audio:

  • Exclusive ad inventory with over 17 million+ users and the #1 streaming audio source for smart speakers
  • Closed Loop Measurement and the ability to measure a streaming listener to offline sales!
  • Proprietary Amazon 1st party targeting across