Amazon's ecosystem and owned subsidiaries reach all corners of consumer's lives. Whether it's buying groceries from whole foods or finding a Christmas gift for your loved ones; the Amazon marketing cloud has more data than many advertisers truly understand.

This year's Annual Amazon Ads unBoxed event highlighted the tech giant's Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC). which allows marketers to connect their data across the entire Amazon Ads ecosystem. This providers advertisers the ability to activate campaigns across both Amazon's first-party data and their own signals.

The level of analytical rigor one could activate on the Amazon Marketing Cloud extends far beyond just targeting audiences. Amazon Marketing Cloud provides a much more fundamental solution to solving for a deprecating third party cookie thats riddled with privacy and targeting issues.

Amazon seeks to solve for these privacy concerns by building the Amazon Marketing Cloud on top of Amazon Web Services. Since AMC is built on top of Amazon's infrastructure, advertisers are able to more easily scale a full funnel marketing approach that is both privacy safe and accurate.

Accelerating Marketing Insights With The AMC

It's no surprise that AMC is scaling at a rapid pace. The AMC is still in its early beginnings. Having been released in the past couple months, advertisers are learning how to maximize insights utilizing the AMC for measurement and audience activation. The innovation and use cases continue to expand as analysts across the country are developing and discovering queries to maximize Amazon's Demand Side Platform (DSP) performance.

The AMC's biggest advantage over third-party cookies is the ability to match back custom signals to an advertiser's campaign performance. Today, this is being done within the automotive industry by matching back car sales data to campaign performance. Offline attribution on Amazon's DSP provides advertisers significant advantages.

The ability to measure return on ad spend across an advertiser's media exposure has always been a key focus across the market. As third party cookies continued to deprecate so did the ability to measure ad performance with proper accuracy.

Since the AMC infrastructure is built on top of Amazon's Web Services it provides advertisers full connectivity to measure ad performance full funnel.

Measuring Display Ad Metrics Alongside CRM Data

Cognition Digital IO was featured in Amazon Ads Unboxed where Keerat Sharma Director of AMC and Ad Tech Solutions presented the value of using custom signals to match back ad performance in the Amazon Marketing Cloud.

The results were quite validating for Automotive Dealers who have been at the forefront of leveraging Amazon Ads to reach first-party automotive audiences. More importantly, the ability to measure offline attribution alongside upper funnel display campaign metrics provides a much more effective analysis for marketers to optimize their media mix.

Using AMC signals to measure an automotive dealer's cost per sold
Using AMC signals to measure an automotive dealer's cost per sold

Leveraging Cognition's Dynamic Vin Specific Display alongside Amazon's Marketing Cloud delivered a $67 cost per vehicle sold. Providing the Mohawk Chevrolet marketing team with the estimated return on ad spend data they need to validate Amazon Ads.