Dynamic Automotive Display Ads on Amazon DSP


Mohawk Chevrolet & Mohawk Honda were looking for more effective strategies to acquire net new customers for the automotive group and sell more used cars.


Mohawk Automotive chose Cognition Digital’s platform on the Amazon DSP to deliver vin-specific ads to customers in the Amazon Garage. Amazon’s first party make and model audiences were effective options to conquest for net new customers.


Dynamic vehicle ads on amazon advertising provided superior offline attribution results. Uploading both sales and leads data through Cognition’s platform.
Reporting Period: 4/1-6/31 2022
Offline Leads Results
693 total leads
$17 Cost Per Lead
Offline Sales Results
59 sales
Campaign Cost Per Sold
45% Match Rate
“We know we are reaching and engaging with our target market for our vehicle buying campaign because we are seeing the proof, not only in our leads – with a nominal average CPL – but with the amount of vehicles we’ve both brought in and sold as determined by out offline attribution report. ”
– Scott Risley, Marketing Director @ Mohawk Automotive