Discover how Robert Horne Ford implemented a winning strategy with Amazon Ads, resulting in a 9.3x return on ad spend and $55,887 in total repair order value. Uncover the steps taken to elevate service repair orders effectively.

Revamping Repairs: Robert Horne Ford's Journey to 9.3x ROAS with Cognition and Amazon DSP

Facing the challenge of increasing overall service repair orders while maintaining cost-effectiveness, Robert Horne Ford sought a dynamic marketing strategy.Cognition emerged as the key player in delivering remarkable results through dynamic service ads on Amazon, achieving a 9.3x return on ad spend and generating over $55,887 in total repair order value.

To execute a programmatic media approach on Amazon Advertising, Robert Horne Ford chose Cognition as their strategic partner, leveraging the capabilities of the Amazon DSP. Cognition's dynamic service template proved instrumental, specifically targeting first-party Amazon Garage customers based on the inventory they owned.

The synergy between Robert Horne Ford and Cognition in implementing this service strategy on the Amazon DSP resulted in outstanding outcomes. A total of 97 repair orders were generated, contributing to a significant revenue boost of$55,887.

Carson Henry, CEO of Cognition, shared insights into the success of this collaboration, stating, "The dynamic service template and targeting based on Amazon Garage inventory proved to be a winning combination for achieving high ROAS."

The collaborative efforts involved in the deployment of this strategy showcase the effectiveness of leveraging Amazon Ads for automotive service campaigns. Realizing the potential of programmatic media, Robert Horne Ford, with the support of Cognition, not only met but exceeded their objectives.

As the automotive landscape evolves, staying ahead with innovative approaches becomes crucial. The strategic use of Amazon DSP, coupled with Cognition's expertise, allowed Robert Horne Ford to tap into a valuable audience segment, resulting in 97 repair orders and substantial revenue growth.

The success of this endeavor positions Robert Horne Ford as a leader in cost-effective and impactful automotive service marketing. The 9.3x return on ad spend underscores the efficacy of their approach, setting a new standard for service-driven advertising in the automotive industry.

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