The rise of electric vehicles sales and a rise in gasoline prices continue to spur a frenzy of shopper intent across the automotive industry for electric vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming a household consideration when purchasing a new car. What is even more compelling is that three-quarters of EV shoppers prefer to buy their vehicle at a dealership. As automakers continue to build and plan for fully electric vehicles to take shape in the industry. Automakers must look to new and competitive marketing tactics to stay ahead with EV marketing.

1. Tap into first party automotive audiences with Amazon’s Your Garage

Amazon Garage is a dedicated shopping experience on for car and motorcycle customers across the US, Europe, India, and Japan. Amazon’s Your Garage customizes the Amazon shopping experience which in turn enables personalization to your vehicle ownership. This simply allows shoppers to get to what they need for their vehicle faster and more effectively. This experience helps provide customers with a more effective shopping experience and proactive approach to maintaining the vehicle they own.

Customers are continuing to seek out digital channels to conduct their vehicle research and shop for cars. Automotive dealerships have a unique opportunity to meet the ever growing digital demand by personalizing their marketing tactics to meet business objectives.

Amazon Garage provides advertisers with over 200+ million vehicle audiences to choose from. Providing audiences and marketing campaign to meet every year, make, and model. In fact, electric vehicles have grow to more than 632,000 EV registered across Amazon user accounts. This allows advertisers to deliver dynamic vin specific ads, streaming tv, and audio while those users are logged on Amazon.

2. The adoption of hybrid vehicle audiences are growing

Over 2.1 million hybrid vehicles are uploaded to the Amazon Garage. This audiences pairs extremely well with EV intent as consumers are seeking more environmentally friendly vehicles. Consumers who show for hybrid vehicles have a significantly stronger propensity to lean towards purchasing products that are good for the planet. Most parts & accessories purchases work hand in hand with hybrid vehicles which delivers much higher purchase intent. Amazon auto shoppers convert 21% higher vs the average consumer.

3. Build a balanced media plan

In the end of the day, no matter which channel you deploy with your marketing strategy it should not be a one size fits all approach. Ensuring you have a balanced media plan is key to delivering success. Meeting business objectives across multiple channels ensures you meet the consumer where they are at. Having an “audience first” strategy will ensure you set up your media plan for success.



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