Offline attribution on the Amazon DSP (demand side platform) is a game changer for brands and agencies to measure the success of their media mix programmatically. Especially as recent changes to Facebook’s attribution tool has caused massive media changes across the industry for where to measure media effectively.

Offline Attribution Advantages on Amazon:

  1. No limit on the attribution window
  2. Match back view-through attribution across OTT, Display, and Audio
  3. Leverage offline attribution for both audiences and sales match back

Offline attribution allows advertisers to measure their return on ad spend across streaming tv ads, display, and audio ads. Many would be surprised to know that most media buyers who are spending money across streaming TV, do not take the time to calculate their return on ad spend.

The lack of measurement often tends to lead to higher than expected CPMs, lower overall engagement, and poor optimizations. Offline attribution allows the media buyer to understand the overall campaign effectiveness.

Case Study For Mohawk Automotive Offline Attribution

Mohawk Chevrolet was looking to match back leads and vehicle sales to their media exposure. In an effort to sell more vehicles, they leveraging dynamic vin-specific display to deliver one to one personalization in the Amazon DSP. Cognition’s offline attribution match back returned a $10 CPL (cost per lead) and $55 CPS (cost per sale).