Advertising on Amazon has become increasingly sophisticated, with multiple tools and strategies available to help sellers and advertisers maximize their reach and sales. Two such measurement options are Amazon Ad Tags and Amazon Simple Pixel. In this blog post, we will explore the key differences and benefits of each tool, helping you understand which one is best suited for your advertising goals on the platform. However, Amazon is deprecating Amazon Simple Pixel all together for their more robust Amazon Ad Tag Solution.

Prior Benefits of Using Amazon Simple Pixel:

  1. Track on-site conversions
  2. Re-targeting and campaign optimization
  3. Campaign Reporting

New Benefits Implementing Amazon Ad Tag:

  1. Capture meaningful events without the use of cookies
  2. Operational efficiency with no need to create individual pixels per event/trigger
  3. Improve conversion measurement and optimization recognition via first-party identifiers
  4. Create audiences and conversions based on specific site events
  5. Interoperable with all tag management solutions

In other words Amazon Ad Tag circumvents some of the many pain points the simple pixel was not capable to perform.

The Key Benefits Using Pixels and Ad Measurement Tags:

Conversion Tracking: Measure call to action engagement and better understand which audiences and campaign results deliver the strongest business objective. This could be an online sale on and off Amazon. Especially for advertisers directing traffic to their brand’s website.

Audience Re-Targeting: Creating first party audiences allows advertisers to collect and optimize campaigns towards their highest intent buyers. This maximizes media efficiency and drives overall lifetime value.

Campaign Optimization: The longer the Amazon Ad Tag measures and tracks success the stronger the advertiser’s overall campaign results and optimizations. Whether optimizing for conversions or audience performance, the tag’s ability to work cross channel improves overall media plan performance.

Measuring success on Amazon DSP continues to drive significant results for advertisers across the industry. The Amazon Ad Tag is a competitive advantage for advertisers who want to go deeper with measurement.

Advertisers who invest the time to take advantage of the measurement tools available are also more likely to deliver success on the Amazon DSP.

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