In January the Federal Reserve decided to combat inflation across the US. In an increasingly competitive rate environment demand for mortgage refinances and loans started to decline. Loan Pronto needed a media plan and marketing strategy to combat declining consumer intent and scale into 2022.


Loan Pronto chose Cognition Digital to deliver an Amazon Display strategy at scale across multiple markets. The goal was to focus on refinance consumer intent leveraging Amazon’s first party refinance audiences.


Between January – February the campaign delivered 88 overall refinance deals that drove multiple six figure revenue and returned 10x return on ad spend. Using Cognition’s offline attribution with Amazon Ads provided Loan Pronto the ability to validate the channel and scale.

"Loan Pronto has always been a marketing company first. Building our brand with Cognition and Amazon Ads has been a key differentiator in a challenging environment for loan originators."

Roger Moore
Loan Pronto