Audio Streaming Ads are now available on the Amazon Advertising DSP. This is a huge opportunity for brands looking to market through smart speaker devices. Since Amazon currently owns 24% of market share for its Amazon Alexa device, this makes their ability to advertise significantly more effective than competing radio channels.

Target Customers At The Home with Amazon Ads Streaming Audio

On average consumers have 2.3 smart speakers throughout their home. Most smart speakers are throughout the most important areas of our home. Consumers tend to place their Amazon Alexa device in their bedroom, living room, and kitchen.

consumers have on average two smart speakers in their home
Consumers on average have 2.3 smart speakers

Reach Premium Audiences Where Users Listen

Amazon Audio Ads have access to exclusive ad inventory across Amazon Music Free Tier with 17M+ users and are the #1 streaming source on smart speakers. Reach 76% of the total ad-supported audio streaming hours on Alexa-enabled devices.

Another massive advantage to targeting audiences on Amazon devices is the ability for marketers to measure campaign success through closed-loop measurement. Amazon Audio Ads have the ability to leverage the Amazon pixel and offline attribution to match back sales to streaming audio listeners. That means, wherever your ads are heard in the user’s home…pretty cool right?!

reach premium streaming audio consumers
Premium apps on Alexa devices

Amazon Alex Devices Deliver A Brand Safe Experience

Amazon Audio Ads deliver a cohesive audio experience through all Amazon Alexa devices. This allow a few key advantages when delivering media on the DSP.

  • 10 to 30 second audio ads
  • Non-skippable
  • Enable creative with a companion display banner
reach consumers with amazon audio ads
Reach streaming audio audiences across Alexa enabled devices

Are Amazon Audio Ads non-skippable?

Yes, all Amazon Audio Ads are non- skippable, the average completion rate is 97%

What percentage of audio ads are clickable?

Roughly 10% of audio ads are clickable as 90% of the ads are run on smart speakers.

Are you able to layer on Amazon 1st Party audiences?

Yes, you can leverage Amazon 1st Party audiences however if you’re leveraging a geo-targeted
strategy we’d recommend keeping targeting more broad.

Are ads mid-roll or pre-roll?

All ads are mid-roll.

Do you accept 3rd Party DCM tags?

Yes, but all ads are site served.

What are expected CPMs on Amazon Audio?

You can expect a $12.66-15.50 CPM