The Power of Amazon Garage

Amazon Garage currently holds over 190 million vehicles that includes year, make, and model data. This vehicle ownership data allows brands and dealerships to conquest for net new customers based on the vehicle they own. Dynamic display ads are an effective campaign strategy to deliver personalized ads based on the vehicle ownership audiences.

Amazon Advertising ended 2021 with roughly 8.6 billion dollars in parts & accessories sales. being the largest seller of parts and accessories in the US allows them to collect a massive amount of 1st party purchase data. The Amazon DSP helps brands take advantage of this by delivering media programmatically to users based on both the demographic and automotive audiences.

Deliver Personalization Through Dynamic Ads

Dynamic advertising enables brands to deliver personalized messages to the proper audiences. For example, if you are shopping for new floor mats for your Audi S4 wouldn’t it be be more effective if you were served an ad best suited to fit your needs?

This level of targeting and dynamic creative is called personalization and our Amazon DSP platform allows dealerships to deliver personalization with a few simple clicks.

Dynamic personalization has lead to break-through digital marketing performance across display & OTT.

Turnkey Dynamic Display Ads

Dynamic display ads are a great way to help promote multiple products and inventory to specific audiences. If you have never had a chance to learn about display ads check out our complete display ads guide.

Dealerships have the ability to match vehicles to consumers based on their life stages and buying motives. Using Amazon first party automotive garage data dealers can filter for year, make, and model audiences to align 1-1 conquest campaigns. This makes dynamic display ads one of the most effective strategies to deploy on the Amazon DSP.

Dynamic Inventory Display Ads

Delivering inventory ads with dynamic personalization allows dealerships to more effectively market their inventory. More effective marketing means more profit and higher overall return on ad spend. Check out this case study to see how dynamic inventory ads helped Mohawk Automotive sell more cars.

Since we know exactly what inventory Amazon Garage users own we can better align creative across vin-specific ads, fixed ops offers, or even acquire inventory.

dynamic display vin specific ads on amazon advertising
dynamic display vin specific ads on amazon advertising

Dynamic Service Display Ads

Amazon’s parts and accessories business produced $8.6 billion in revenue in 2021. Amazon is the largest parts and accessories seller in the world.

This provides advertisers with first party audiences based on their automotive purchase intent. For example, if you are looking to target users who are in market for an oil change, you could create first party audiences based on all the vehicle oil purchases and searches on

Dynamic display ads is a great way to show the right service offer to the right user based on their search and purchase intent on Amazon.

dynamic display service ads on Amazon DSP
dynamic display service ads on Amazon DSP

Dynamic Vehicle Acquisition

In the past year, dealerships have struggled to meet demand with inventory due to the supply chain issues caused by Covid-19.

With over 190+ million vehicles in the Amazon Garage, dealerships are able to tap into the enormous first party ownership data to acquire customers and inventory.

Here is how it works:

Dealerships select audiences based on their ownership data such as year, make, and model. Dealerships may have preferences for which inventory they would prefer to recondition and in the case of the Amazon DSP. We are able to programmatically filter audiences based on their ownership data.

Check out this case study to learn more about how Denooyer Automotive Family drove both vehicle acquisition leads and sales from dynamic display ads.

dynamic vehicle acquisition display ads on the Amazon DSP
dynamic vehicle acquisition display ads

In Closing

Amazon Advertising is a great opportunity for the automotive industry to diversify their media plan. Using dynamic display ads to target first party audiences will continue to become more competitive as dealerships look for more effective marketing strategies.