Uncovering opportunities for growth through Amazon Marketing Cloud

To help transform information into actionable insights and uncover opportunities for growth, Modern Auto turned to Cognition, an Amazon Ads partner that specializes in solutions for automotive retailers. Cognition provides a user-friendly solution for their clients to upload and process a total of 150,000 records each month.1 Customers like Modern Auto use Cognition to upload offline events to Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), a secure, privacy-safe, cloud-based solution in which advertisers can perform analytics across pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Ads signals and their own inputs.

Modern Auto obtained valuable insights from these analyses using first-party records. For instance, analyzing audience engagement behaviors unveiled preferences for specific vehicles and messaging, helping the brand optimize future campaign content design rules based on audience segments.

AMC is absolutely vital to our clients. It makes it possible for us to provide a true return on ad spend.

— Carson Henry, CEO, Cognition

In addition to their AMC uploads, Modern Auto uses Amazon Ad Server templates to continually align the right vehicle and messaging with specific audience segments based on AMC performance metrics.

Using Amazon Ad Server templates, Modern Auto and Cognition tailor creative ad elements to customer preferences and behaviors. Real-time performance metrics, such as click-through rates, conversions, and engagement, help Modern Auto modify messaging, vehicle selection, and creative ad elements so that their advertising aligns with audience preferences.

Reaching 9x ROAS by generating insights

Cognition has collaborated closely with Modern Auto, sharing campaign results and insights and putting some of the learnings from AMC and Amazon Ad Server into practice. After one year, the results of Modern Auto’s campaigns exceeded key success metrics and outperformed the company’s objectives, surpassing industry benchmarks for cost per lead by 43%.2 The increase in generating high-quality leads helped Modern Auto expand their customer base and increase sales opportunities.

The company also improved their efficiency in converting leads into vehicle sales. This resulted in a 9x increase in return on ad spend (ROAS), delivering substantial revenue growth and helping the company position itself for success in the automotive market.3

Cognition provides us true matchback sales data to digital ad attribution, giving us confidence in knowing our spend is really working for us. The technology in AMC undoubtedly optimizes all that we do.

Gary Ladue
Marketing Director
Modern Automotive