The client, Modern Automotive Group, was facing the challenge of limited visibility into their media efforts. They lacked comprehensive insights and transparency regarding the performance of their advertising campaigns. This made it difficult for them to assess the effectiveness of their media spend, track key performance indicators, and make informed decisions to optimize their advertising strategies. They sought a solution that could provide them with better visibility and actionable data to address this challenge effectively.


The growth goals and objectives of Modern Automotive Group were centered around optimizing their advertising efforts to drive business growth.
Some of their specific objectives included:
Increase Lead Generation: Modern Automotive Group aimed to generate a higher volume of quality leads through their advertising campaigns. They sought to attract potential customers and convert them into leads.
Improve Conversion Rates: The client aimed to enhance their conversion rates by optimizing their advertising strategies. They wanted to ensure that their media efforts resulted in a higher number of customers engaging with their services, such as test drives, vehicle purchases, or service appointments.
Maximize Return on Investment (ROI): Modern Automotive Group sought to achieve a higher ROI on their advertising spend. They aimed to identify the most effective advertising channels, messages, and targeting strategies to optimize their media budget and ensure that each dollar spent delivered the greatest impact.
Drive Market Share Growth: Modern Automotive Group aimed to expand their market share by outperforming their competitors. They sought to capture a larger portion of their target market by implementing effective advertising strategies that resonated with customers and differentiated them from their competitors.


$334 Cost Per Sale Average ROAS 9x