Amazon Ads OTT Advertising For Automotive is the perfect channel for automotive dealerships to leverage OTT (over-the-top) advertising to reach their business objectives.

Here are all the amazing ways you can maximize Amazon OTT Advertising. First off, tap into all the amazing exclusive placement offered on the Amazon DSP.

Dealerships are perfect advertiser candidates for Amazon as the demand side platform offers exclusive ad supply to stay ahead of the competition.

amazon ott for automotive
Amazon DSP exclusive ott supply

Outside of exclusive inventory dealerships are able to maximize amazon OTT advertising through a plethora of unique streaming tv app placements. These are all the familiar apps you stream on TV today such as Freevee, Plato TV, Twitch TV, History channel etc.

Imagine all the possibilities to align Amazon audiences to your dealership’s messaging and inventory.

The Biggest Audience Advantage For Amazon OTT

Today Amazon is set to make a big leap into Automotive through their Amazon Garage. The Amazon Garage has over 190 million vehicles (year, make, model) ownership data uploaded across 104 million unique Amazon user accounts. This allows automotive dealerships to filter and align make and model intent to their video creative.

audiences for amazon ott for automotive
Over 190 million vehicles to market on Amazon OTT

What is absolutely impressive for amazon is the fact that users are uploading their vehicle information to their amazon account. This means that all of this data available to target and advertise to is fully addressable data.

Amazon Dynamic Inventory Ads For OTT

Advertising on Amazon OTT is extremely beneficial for dealerships looking to align both inventory and messaging to the right audience.

This is extremely important if you are looking to get higher overall streaming tv performance. People buy when they feel understood not when they understand you.

dynamic inventory ads for amazon ott
dynamic inventory ads for amazon ott

Benefits of Automotive OTT Ad Creative

  • Ability to filter for specific inventory
  • Ability to create multiple video assets that serve to different audiences
  • Matching life stage narratives based on customer intent (expanding family, new grads, promotions, movers)
  • Improving overall media efficiency by allocating budget towards inventory

Maximize your overall marketing budget today by adding over the top advertising to your media mix. Overall CPMs are not going to get cheaper as dealerships tap into the power of Amazon Advertising.